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About us

The Event Horizon is the events and ticketing arm of not for profit Yorkshire creative company Higher Rhythm Ltd.

As well as The Event Horizon, Higher Rhythm Ltd. run Higher Rhythm Recording Studio one of the best equipped studios in Yorkshire, Music Industry Yorkshire the Yorkshire region's music industry supoprt body, Sine FM 102.6 radio station and the independent record label Circuit Records

The Event Horizon has been the central portal for countless Yorkshire events since 2007, supporting promoters, venues music festivals and artists to make their events more accessible and bring people through the doors...
If you are Yorkshire business running and event and want to give us a try for free for an event, get in touch. With a secure e-ticket system which removes the need for management, resources, paper and postage, we are not only probably the most efficient tool to sell places for your event, but we are also environmentally friendly! You cant say fairer than that...